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BBC 4 mit einem Blockchain-Feature

Wenn eine Radiosendung so beginnt:

Sound: Kettenrasseln

Sprecher: "They've called it a new internet. They've called it the end of the government, the end of the nation state. It's the most hyped thing you've never heard of ..."

Sound: spannungsgeladene Musik setzt ein 

Sprecherin: "... It's the blockchain."


dann weiß ich, dass es sich lohnt eine Dreiviertelstunde zuzuhören, denn BBC 4-Sendung FutureProofing hat hier mit sehr viel Liebe zum akustischen Detail und vielen interessanten Gesprächspartnern das Thema Blockchain aufgearbeitet. Aus der Sendebeschreibung:

„Can computer technology and its systems for record-keeping, transparency and verification replace the role of trust in our society? The digital currency Bitcoin can be used to make peer to peer financial transactions without a central banking authority. The technology underlying this system is called the blockchain, and is enthusiastically advocated by libertarians. In this programme Timandra and Leo investigate whether its ramifications could go much further than currency and reach into disrupting the roles of government, from providing identity documents to tax collection. Or will governments, banks and other large powerful bodies meet the political and technical challenges of the blockchain by incorporating it into their own activities?“